11717 - Citizens Helpline

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11717 - Citizens Helpline


   Aiming to continuously improve services towards citizens, EFET has implemented the 11717 line, which runs alongside the new Call Center. The center has begun its operation in December 2011 and its course up to now indicates that it is yet another powerful tool at the disposal of consumers. The Call Center is located at our Central Offices and receives reports electronically (via the portal http://www.efet.gr), in person (at our premises) and through the new National five digit call number of EFET 11717. The charge for dialing the number costs one standard urban unit regardless of area of the caller.

  Since the beginning of this year over 200 reports have been submitted to the above line, which have already been assessed and managed by the relevant services of EFET.

   The president of EFET Mr. Yannis Michas noted that: “The reinforcement of the safety feeling of consumers is a key priority of EFET and that is the main challenge for us. The hard and responsible work of our personnel is empowered by the contribution of consumers themselves, whose help we seek and encourage with the new line we created (11717). Through this line the incoming reports are evaluated and investigated directly, while the questions of our fellow citizens are routed to the responsible authorities.”

Published: 30/03/2012


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